In the past time I read a story, which I felt that I should narrate in short…

Once there lived a king who was gifted with two birds. The king was extremely glad and appointed a coach to train them. After few days, the king inquired about their progress, towards which the coach answered back about their perforferamance that one of the two birds were performing very well and ascended high in the sky whereas, the second feathered friend continued hovering on the branch and did not leave its place. The king became concerned and told his ministers to look for a solution but to not avail it. One day a sensible person from the realm took the task. He was taken to the bird and left there. The wise gentleman inquired the king to coming back the subsequent day. The king came back the succeeding day and to his astonishment the bird was rising high up in the sky. The king questioned the intelligent gentleman the undisclosed fact of his accomplishment. The wise folk said that he chopped off the branch on which the bird continued hovering. Hence, it was obliged to fly in order to safeguard itself from falling down.

This story compelled me to ponder. All of us are target to one or the other fear. We have emotionless bases when it comes to let go our familiarity, our coziness. At that moment are we here to solely follow the sheep mentality? Not just we are dreadful of thinking out of the box but are also anxious of countless other aspects that we might not possess the bravery to acknowledge like….

  • Fear of death
  • Fear of some chronic illness
  • Fear of unfavorable circumstances
  • Fear of losing our loved ones
  • Fear of losing wealth & success
  • Fear of the unfamiliar
  • Fear of psychic vampires.
  • Fear of being unsuccessful

The list is endless……

This fear shoots from over movement of Third Eye Chakra when the Crown Chakra is completely or partially inactive. It likewise initiates when the Throat Chakra is controlled and Solar Chakra and Sacral Chakra are unsynchronized. This leads into unreasonable uncertainties where we are stabbed and we cannot move on.
We initiate accusing ourselves for not having choose healthier picks. This irrational fear can be terminated by Reiki Healing.


Here is one of the methods in which you may perhaps disperse your fear through Reiki:

  • Inhale and exhale deeply and focus on your breathing for two minutes.
  • Virtually draw power symbol CKR and SHK on your palm and chant the names thrice.
  • Permit the energy movement from your palms to all the Seven Chakras. This will result in balanced chakras and rinse away all the negative energy.
  • Visualize yourself being safeguarded by white light escalation from your Crown Chakra to Feet Chakra.
  • Draw HSZSN in air and call upon your beloved God to bless you with courage to break free from the slavery of your fear. You can also cut cords in between yourself and the fear which is overwhelming you.
  • Once more, virtually draw CKR in air and thank the universe for drawing away your fear.
  • Repeat this daily for two weeks.

In a fortnight you will slowly start seeing the difference.

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