Usui Reiki Level 2 summons you to link further to the healing power inside you and excavate your knowledge of the organization of Reiki as you linger to flower from within.

Usui Reiki Level 2 Training is prearranged for peoples who are practicing Reiki on a rationally consistent foundation or who desires to develop supplementary on the Reiki track.
Usui Reiki Level 2 Course progression stretches your supremacy to generate new realities with Reiki symbols.

Before initiating the Reiki 2nd level class a fast outline of your Usui Reiki 1st Level Course knowledge aids makes certain that you’ll be able to clutch the progressive topics enclosed in the Reiki second level.

>>> Are you ready to build upon the foundations you created in Usui Reiki 1st Level Class?

Usui Reiki 2nd Level Course is a prospect to flinch to expose yourself to trusting yourself and, therefore, the Reiki Energy whether that’s in self-treatments, treating others, and in your day-to-day life.

As we move from the ‘structure’ of Usui Reiki Level 1 into the flow of Usui Reiki Level 2, we also discover on a profound level what healing means to us. The incorporation of the heart-mind, the harmonizing of our rational and instinctive mind, the personification of our performs and an ability to transfer from dichotomy (light/dark; right/wrong; positive/negative; etc.) in the direction of a place of inquisitiveness where we drop the tags and open ourselves to wholeness.

The further you practice Reiki, the further you’re able to shell away from the heavy and restricted layers that can amass from breathing life and avert you from joining fully to your right nature.

Usui Reiki 2nd Level Course concentrates always on self-healing, growing your mindfulness of the power of Reiki, the outline of symbols, and practicing Reiki on self/others with hands-on healing or distance healing so you can get extra energy for Reiki practice and grow in self-assurance.


After receiving Usui Reiki Level 2 Attunement, your energy levels are 8 times that of an ordinary person and 2 times that of a 1st Level Usui Reiki Healer.

You are attuned to 3 Divine Reiki Symbols that emphasize and expend the energy to enable “distance healing”.

Usui Reiki 1st Level Course (Reiki Advanced Healer) concentrates on uplifting the energy of the physical body, whereas Usui Reiki Level 2 Course emphasizes Mental, Emotional & Karmic Healing.

You will acquire to direct Healing across time and space, to previous, existing, and upcoming proceedings, to somebody in a different country or city.

On the accomplishment of Usui Reiki 2nd Level Course, you will be talented to continue to treat yourself and family and friends to the gifts of Reiki and you may poster a modification in the energy of the conduct. Authoritatively, this level is obligatory if you’d like to exercise Reiki professionally (and ethically), but many individuals select Usui Reiki 2nd Level Course simply to augment their own internal supremacy and healing aptitude.

Most of all, throughout this progression, I request you to understand the spark, sensation of your accurate self underneath all the ‘stuff’ that life grasps – to blow into the love, excitement, silence, peace, happiness, compassion, calmness, and stillness within yourself.

To recollect that true connection within as we grow to encounter ourselves each day as if for the first time.


  • Speedy Outline Of Usui Reiki Level 1 Course
  • Starter to Usui Reiki Level 2 Course
  • Usui Reiki Level 2 Attunement
  • Power Of Subconscious Mind (Intention & Intuition)
  • The 3 Powerful Divine Reiki Symbols
  • The Science of Chakra
  • The Distance Healing Techniques
  • Telepathy
  • Goal Empowerment
  • Uses Of Reiki Symbols
  • Rapid Aura Cleaning with Symbols
  • Aura Strengthening with Symbols
  • Grounding
  • Power of Intention for Self-Development
  • Power of Intuition (The Sixth Sense)
  • Protective Shield
  • Ethical Considerations in your Practice of Usui Reiki Level 2 Course
  • Overview of Usui Reiki Level 3 Course Contents and benefits
  • Question and Answer Session


The 3 Most Powerful Reiki Symbols In The Universe

The Knowledge of  Subconscious Mind Power

Comprehensive Usui Reiki Level 2 Manual

Guided Reiki Self Practice Cd’s For Use At Home

Usui Reiki Advanced Healer – 2nd Level Certificate

Lifetime U.R.F Membership, Support, and Guidance

When we can bid healing to ourselves and others from a place of empathy, non-judgment, associated with our cores, and consent ourselves to phase out of the way then that is where magic can happen.

Usui Reiki 2nd Level Course or Usui Reiki Advanced Healer Course is a motivating and inclusive workshop that will bounce you a very thorough understanding of how to work with energy at this extra progressive level.

You will also acquire how to mature your intuition and give distant treatments, and diversity of operative new conducts of using Reiki to recover every facet of your life, as well as how to give intensely healing and operative treatments to others.

You will learn how to concentrate on Reiki Energy in powerful new ways to support specific mental and emotional tasks, anguish in yourself and others, too indistinct negativity/trauma from the past and from your corporeal setting, to modify beliefs, customs, and performance, to improve dealings and personal/work conditions (both yours and those of others), and to encourage future apprehensions/plans/situations for good.

Usui Reiki 2nd Level Course or Usui Reiki Advanced Healer Course is the subsequent phase to gross if you are absorbed in firming the energy you are directing to help backing yourself and others and if you would like to emphasize manufacturing more precise variations in any expanse of your life.


  • Remove Physical / Mental Obstructions
  • Give Power To Your Goal Line
  • Your Healing Power Amplified 8 Folds
  • Your Reiki Knowledge Is Extended
  • Your Touch Becomes Quicker And More Powerful
  • You Study To Do Distance Healing
  • You Can Heal Past, Present, And Future
  • You Mature Your Intuition And Creativity
  • You Get Entree To Become Emotionally Free
  • You Can Heal People At Physical & Mental Level
  • You Can Heal People In Diverse Time Zones
  • Your Relationships Improve

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