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Our Spiritual Doctor Rupa Baranwal

The Director and Founder of Usui Reiki Foundation, Rupa Baranwal (Reiki Grand Master, Dowsing Expert, Past Life Therapy Expert, Chakra Healer, Psychic Surgery Healer, Psychic Attack Healer, Psychic Surgeon, Acupressure Therapist, Naturopathy, etc.) is the pure soul behind the accomplishment of helping people with absolute devotion, She has dedicated her entire life to the welfare of society & the human race.

The timeline of the spiritual doctor who can take you to the journey of complete prosperity & absolute health:
  • Ever since childhood, Rupa Baranwal had a problem with migraine headaches, appendix in the stomach, and sort of peptic ulcer.
  • She had gone through many doctors & medications but none could cure her perfectly, then in the middle age of 30, She had discovered something exceptional to cure people with migraine & stomach issues in terms of acupressure & naturopathy.
  • The solution She had found was an alternative solution to the medication back in 1998 to treat her positively.
  • In the year 1999, She had learned the concept of Reiki Healing then became a Reiki Grandmaster in the year 1999.
  • With her abilities and belief in Reiki Healing, She had cured herself perfectly over the migraine & stomach issues.
  • The Lady then totally devoted herself to the art of Reiki for curing patients all over the country.
  • With around 21+ years of experience in the area of Reiki Healing & Holistic Sciences, She had healed almost 5000+ patients with the Reiki Healing & Acupressure.
  • Later on in her life, She had created many Reiki Channels and taught people about the Reiki Healing art & Holistic Sciences with the generation of many Reiki Grandmasters in India.

She believes: Your disease is the ultimate shadow of your mental imbalance, social fondness, and incorrect lifestyle that can have the ability to arise again if you ignore it.

She had accomplished many different achievements in Reiki healing:

  • She had cured people from different types of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual healer diseases so that you don’t have to rely on medications.
  • She had achieved goodness with absolute health, comprehensive bliss, total awareness, and complete prosperity.
  • To make you feel free from past life karmas, the Past Life Regression Therapist in URF can provide you with excellent methods in treating you, across the country. It removes all your past life bad karmas, fear of death, and unseen future.
  • Additionally, she is a Dowsing Expert and helped others to complete the Crystal Ball Gazing Courses and Past Life Regression Therapy across the country.
  • She had the experience of curing patients with chronic diseases like cancer, paralysis, kidney/lung problems.
  • She also got the opportunity to help people in curing polio and blood dialysis.
  • She had worked in the area of Reiki healing to quickly heal the family & relationship issues.
  • She is a true Reiki Healer with the ability to unfetter you from the sheer black magic power, unseen energy, certain apprehensions about life & death, hell & heaven, diseases & germs in a positive manner.
  • She also took the journey of absolute health, ultimate bliss & complete awareness about the social or economical problems by being a spiritual doctor.

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