According to the Hindu custom, the chakra Situated between the brows or third eye chakra deals with the intellectual and psychic power.

From thousands of years Hindu practitioners have benched it as psychic vision and has been prominently recognized as Ajna. Physically, it is situated between the two eyebrows which is often denoted by the symbol for the syllable OM consisting of a petal on both sides. The accompanying colors are indigo, deep blue, and at times violet.

Hormones are accountable for the body’s functions. They are linked with numerous features of our body which comprises physical characteristics as well as mental or emotional characteristics. Contemporary practitioners tend to associate chakras with the endocrine system of the body which is accountable for the release of hormones that controls quite a few functions together with development and maturation, metabolism, tissue function and also mood.

Functions of the Brow (Third Eye) Chakra

Physical Health

The pineal gland, nose, eyes, ears and correspondingly the skeletal system are all administered by the third eye chakra. Your senses of sight and hearing, and to your capability to observe and formulate your own views around what you observe and how you live is related to it.

Everything about Third-Eye Chakra: Reiki Healing on Thrid-Eye Ch

This chakra acts as a catalyst and plays a significant role in assisting you to see things evidently not just physically but also morally and naturally.

Formation of dreams

The pineal gland’s key purpose is to release a hormone termed as melatonin that plays a character in your sleep cycle regulation, growth regulation, slowing down the process of aging and as well as sustain a steady mind. Scientists have identified that the eyes kindle the pineal gland into discharging melatonin since, the pineal gland is light-sensitive. Many researchers have also discovered that the earth’s electromagnetic field is accountable for stimulating the gland.


As it administers your eyes, the purpose of physical vision is associated to this chakra, along with psychic and instinctive capabilities.

Mental and spiritual health

The third eye chakra catalyzes a part in governing attentiveness, your aptitude to perceive things clearly and foresee things, to be optimistic and visualize consequences that you desire. This chakra is accountable for generating your authenticities and the ability to develop insights about reality. When this chakra is in equilibrium, you will be able to envisage with no trouble and your memory and capability to reason become loud. You will belief yourself and be talented to formulate and depend on your intuitions. You will instantaneously come to assistance someone without their appeal for help.

However, distress in understanding truth and generating your own reality can be on the grounds of an imbalance in this chakra. You might depend a lot on fate or luck and blame them if something wrong happens. Headaches / migraines will cause you distress, and there will be a relentless sensation of anxiousness. You might desire to govern or regulate along with your concern pertaining to social behaviors. All of them are symbols of a blocked third eye chakra.

How to Clear Your Third Eye Chakra

Open-mindedness, acceptance and love should be practiced in order to unblock this chakra. Praise your own self for all the deeds that you conduct and rehearse self-love. Trying to engage or concentrate your mind into discerning how plentiful life is, how much it has to offer and how good it is for you since, it can assist you to get free of numerous psychological and physical difficulties.

Meditating near large water bodies for example: an ocean or a lake can support you enhance your intuitions and develop your third eye chakra. Indigo blue is connected with this chakra so visualize large pools of water if it would be tough for you to actually go to a water body. You can also look at the sky at night.

Help yourself with your very own insight and enlarge your level of understanding. Allow others to recognize your exact nature.

Using Reiki to unblock the brow chakra

As always, all Reiki practitioners embrace their own method of working with this chakra. The subsequent are the phases of the Reiki process in command to clear your Brow (Third Eye) chakra that some Reiki Masters recommend:

  1. Relax securely
  2. Empower the flow of Reiki
  3. Place your hands above your eyes and forehead.
  4. Move your hands in a circular gesture. Some endorse clockwise or right-handed movement for females and anticlockwise or left-handed one for males – but permit your intuition guide you and see what works best for you.

Quite a few other procedures can be used as well. For mantra healing, “OM” is operative. The vibration developed by this sound will open up energies in your chakra.

Aromatherapy can also be used with aromas of mint and jasmine to clear the chakra.

For gemstone healing, indigo sapphire and azurite, as well as other indigo stones, can be used.

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