The heart chakra, or Anahata, is the fourth of the seven core chakras. It is the center of absolute love.

It is accountable for the supervision of:

* The Cardiovascular System, as well as the Heart
* The Respiratory System
* The Arms and Hands
* Shoulders
* Ribs and Breasts
* Diaphragm
* Thymus Gland

Countless sentiments, such as love, detestation, sorrow, happiness, suspicion, anxiety of unfaithfulness, emotional state of loneliness and seclusion and the capability to make ourselves feel healthier are all centered in the heart chakra.

Functions of the Heart Chakra

Physical health

The heart chakra administers the lungs, heart, blood circulation – it wheels the indispensable life forces that are vital for the humans. The heart chakra is also connected with the thymus gland which theatres a part in fabricating T-cells that are crucial for a strong immune system.


When the heart chakra is congested, you will encounter health issues such as breathing complications, high blood pressure, lung diseases, breast cancer, etc.

Love and other emotions

In direction to preserve a healthy heart chakra, you are obliged to learn to love yourself and others surrounding you. You must not complaint things surrounding you and what you do not posse. Rather, adore and escalate the things that you previously have. Life is a delightful entity.

Think of the Reiki percept that says I’m grateful for my many blessings.”

Circumstances, which may source emotional suffering such as, divorce, separation, isolation, departure, remoteness, abandonment, sorrow caused due to demise, or emotional abuse can extremely damage the heart chakra. If the heart chakra misplaces equilibrium one becomes predisposed to numerous sicknesses and may also agonize from demonstrative circumstances. Disapproving results to such circumstances contain feeling of isolation, betrayal, being self-protective, monitoring, paranoid and grasping.

Healing the Heart Chakra

Here are few aspects which aid in healing and harmonizing the heart chakra.


The heart chakra is linked with green color. Relish and adore nature, and not damage it.

Envisage a strong green flame or light filling up your heart in the direction of its epicenter. While gasping envision a soft green light satisfying up your heart and your body. Visualize that you are eliminating undesirable energy out of your body while breathe out. Do not put too much effort while exhaling, remain attentive towards inhaling.


In order to support a balanced heart chakra, it is always an erect imprint to practice yoga. If your heart chakra is blocked, it’s probable that your throat chakra is congested too. The camel pose works well enough for both chakras to synchronize them up. To execute the camel chakra focus on encompassing your lower back while focusing on widening and opening your upper back. Your yoga teacher can provide you more data and supervision.

Forgive and forget

Some say that the finest resolution to preserve a balanced heart chakra is to excuse yourself and others. It is at all times best to let go of the past and concentrate on the existing instant and the numerous gears you can be indebted for right now, likewise viewing forward just a bit, to a healthier future. If you keep reversing in your mind past circumstances that distress you, you will linger unsatisfied feelings, angry, seclusion or betrayal. Counselling, or chatting to a friend, may help.


Exercise is virtuous for a healthy heart. If you contemplate strong exercising routines are too problematic for you or if you sense that you do not have time for exercise then it will support you to set up small goals like using the stairs or walking to the nearby market as an alternative rather than taking a ride.

Essential oils

Rose oil is an outstanding heart healer and is usually used to match against sadness. Via rose oil you can mature optimistic thoughts and can seal you up with essence. You will be more cheerful and better-off.

Clary sage is also decent at battling depression. It is also a nerve tonic and is enormously calming to have an aromatherapy with Clary sage.

Reiki and the Heart Chakra

Reiki is one of the most operative ways of healing and harmonizing the heart chakra. Reiki consultants might have their own procedures for harmonizing the heart chakra, below are few of the approaches that many find effective.

  1. Relax comfortably
  2. Place your hands gently on your chest in the heart area
  3. Welcome the stream of energy into your heart, and be exposed to healing, for the highest good
  4. Let your intuition direct you and use the symbols to fine-tune the energy flow
  5. Visualize green or pink light

The mantra “YAM” can be used to support.

Gemstones can also be used. Gemstones such as emerald, Kunzite, green jade, rose quartz and pink tourmaline can be castoff to help clear the heart chakra. These gemstones can be positioned at the heart while carrying out Reiki and can be used for lengthier areas of time. If you’re into aromatherapy, use Rose essence.

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