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  • जहाँ आपकी सारी स्वास्थ, ईलाज और सभी समस्याओं की खोज हमेशा के लिए समाप्त हो जाती है…

Under the supervision of renowned Spiritual Doctor and Reiki Guru Rupa Baranwal

We heal everything: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychic, Karmic, and Wealth Difficulties

हम आपको असाध्य रोगों, दवाओं, खर्चीले टेस्ट, धन की बर्बादी, ढोंगी बाबाओं, अज्ञानता से हमेशा के लिए मुक्त करना चाहते हैं और आपको आत्मनिर्भर बनाकर स्वयं का चिकित्सक बनाना चाहते हैं…

What we treat by reiki healing or reiki therapy

Each and every illness and pain sure have an origin or a root cause. We don’t heal diseases or pain (the symptoms or shadow), we heal the specific origin or cause and the difficulties (illness and Suffering) starts dying as per the phase of your illness.

URF Focuses on the Root Cause via Reiki Healing– Not only the Symptoms

Major Focus Points of Reiki Healing

Physical: – We work on all the chronic illnesses which are considered to be alarming and degenerative; whether it is cold or cancer (except the illnesses at a particularly advanced stage all are reversible).

Mental: – All tension, worries, fears, negative thoughts, behaviors, sadness, aloneness, etc.

Emotional: – All relationship matters linked with parents, partner, kids, boss, employee, or personal difficulties.

Psychic: – All difficulties associated with negative forces, psychic attack (personal or external), black magic, or environmental.

Environmental: – Harmful energies connected with your house, office, factory, radiation, geo-pathic stress, Vastu defects, objects, etc.

Spiritual: – Difficulties related with meditation, kundalini, abnormal signs, no outcomes of numerous sadhnas, retarded growth, etc.

Karmic: – Complications linked with relations, poverty, unhappy life, rivals, sufferers, negative son, partner, neighbors, friends, etc. and physical ailments have past life karmic contacts.

How we treat with reiki healing therapy

(Our Modalities of Reiki Treatment)
Why improvement is definite at any stage only with reiki healing


Reiki Healing therapy

Your Mind: – Your harmful opinions, notions, views, emotions, fears, tension and sadness. Through numerous influential meditations, counseling and hypnotherapy.

Reiki Healing

Your Nutrition: – Your disease producing unhealthy nutritive behaviors; we add helpful and renew your nutritional program.

healthy lifestyle with Reiki Healing

Your Lifestyle: – Modifying your everyday moment to moment undesirable routines and habits related to sleep, driving, eating, indoor-outdoor activities, sitting posture, etc.


Your Exercises: – We complement curative helpful exercise precisely Yoga, Active Sports, Dance Pranayama, and Walking Exercises.


Reiki: – A most influential widespread life-giving energy provided by palm (touch) and distance (telepathically) to rise and balance your dynamic force which enables quick healing and revival.


Past Life Regression Therapy: – Nearly all of our difficulties are connected to past life karma. Past life regression corrects all matters associated to disease, economics and relationships.


Acupressure: – An extremely active reiki therapy, acupressure has gathered universal acknowledgment as an immediate and quick reprieve therapy. It revises and kindles matching zones (Points) to re-establish an even movement of Prana Energy (Meridians).


Hypnotherapy: – Hypnotherapy is a well-appreciated science to re-program the subconscious, modify behavior, and overcome weaknesses, worries, thoughts, fears and irregular symptoms providing a solid enhancement to healing.


Meditation: – It is a commonly recognized element that meditation releases harmful blocked emotions, supports the nervous system, and grows durable positivity and pleasure, rising the soul to higher proportions.


Mental Cleansing Meditation: – A catharsis procedure to decrease (point out) all the annual collected blocked, unsaid emotions, irritation, frustrations, tension etc. in the subconscious, to acknowledge an amazing variation in your nature, actions and work.


DISTANCE HEALING: – We can heal all your difficulties by DISTANCE HEALING. Usui Reiki Sanctum is one of the Country’s Largest Distance Reiki Healing Groups.

It is perhaps the principal center where maximum amount of successful distance healings are achieved for all health and other difficulties of life. Usui Reiki Sanctum’s unmatched distance healing has protected thousands of lives, businesses, relations and resolved other personal issues.

We Are Not Just Another Reiki Healer to Consult

We are here to wake you up to the perpetual guidelines of health, joy and success.

Come! Open your eyes and free yourself eternally from all diseases and sorrows.

Spiritual Doctor Rupa Baranwal

With around 21+ years of experience in the field of Reiki Healing therapy and Mystic Sciences, she had cured nearly 25000+ patients through Reiki Healing and Acupressure. Further in her life, she had formed various Reiki therapy Channels and educated people about the Reiki Healing art and Holistic Sciences with the generations of many Reiki Grandmasters in India.

She believes:

Your disease is the ultimate shadow of your Mental Imbalance, Social Fondness, and Improper Lifestyle that can have the ability to arise again if you ignore it.

After this, we arrange the session by sending detailed instructions and selecting the appropriate time.

During the reiki session, you have to sit in a silent room on the chair or lie down on the bed. If you are ready to take the Reiki Healing therapy, then book an appointment with us now, as it is available at economical prices.

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