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Usui Reiki Foundation is the Country’s Largest Foundation of Reiki Healing and Holistic Sciences. The foundation has cured more than 5000+ patients across the country with the help of Reiki Healing, Chakra Healing, Acupressure & Naturopathy and trained more than 10000 people in the art of Usui System of Reiki Healing.

The sole objective of the organization is to treat (cure) people from superstitions, sufferings, and diseases by taking measures in terms of holistic sciences.

With our alternative solution to your medication with the help of palm-healing & hands-on touch healing, we transfer the universal energy to our patients in order to achieve the desired goals of physical healing & emotional encouragement.

Our organization helps people to revolutionize their eating, drinking, thinking, and living abilities through workshops, live sessions, discussions, and interactions.

We provide health benefits with:

  • Relive in pain, anxiety & fatigue
  • Depression treatment
  • Improved quality of life
  • Mood boost up
  • Improvement with some symptoms & conditions

Leading from the front URF works on the betterment of the human race by promoting the natural diet, raw food, and unprocessed food along with the scientific reasons behind it.

What do URF treats?

URF treats people by healing their problems related to physical stress, mental instability, karmic problems, emotional imbalance, and psychic issues.

We believe behind every suffering & disease there is a root cause associated with it. Although we don’t treat sufferings or diseases, we actually treat the root cause which is hidden behind it then the effects will go automatically over time with different stages.

URF has the ability to fight with the cause in the following cases:

Mental: Your mental weakness, phobias, fear of anything, loneliness, depression, mental stress will be treated successfully.

Karmic: All sorts of negative vibes, issues related to your relationships, business losses, enemies, poverty, and any past life connections to any event or person, etc. can be treated well.

Spiritual: Abnormal symptoms, retarded progress, meditation issues, have solutions with us.

Psychic: Any black magic tricks, negative vibes, psychic problems, will get cured here.

Physical: If a person is suffering from chronic illness like cancer, heart disease, fever, normal cold, etc. then all these things can be cured perfectly (except for the last stages).

Emotional: All your personal or professional life issues can be cured with Reiki healing and holistic sciences.

Why our treatment is important for you?

Usui Reiki Foundation can develop a strong positivity & happiness among people, who are going through unhealthy eating, improper living, and negative thinking habits. We can surely connect your mind and soul together to build strong connectivity with the holistic sciences.

URF can possibly cure & correct you in a manner:

Nutritions You Have: Our foundation believes that good nutrition can deliver you good habits with the help of regenerative nutritional programs.

Exercises You Do: We can correct the regular lifestyle of the people with activities like pranayama, yoga, dance forms, sports, and physical exercises.

Lifestyle You Live: Correcting regular eating, walking, sitting, drinking, driving, and sleeping habits.

Reiki Healing: We have the ability to deliver you the most powerful energy source for providing you with a lifetime experience of strong mental, emotional, and physical strength. Our distance healing process can light you the energy with palm (touch) & distance (telepathically) to increase the flow of rapid healing & chakra meditation.

Our strength lies in the awakening of the patient’s eternal laws of calm, prosperity, health, and happiness. You can join us to free yourself from all your sufferings & disease. We liberate people from all sorts of physical, mental, and spiritual diseases in terms of making them free from medication & past life karmas.

Usui Reiki Sanctum (Country’s Largest Healing Centre) and its Services

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