Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy

Individual Sessions
Past, Present, Future

Ever met somebody and felt an immediate connection with them? Ever felt scared of something you’ve got no reason to fear – like Fire? Or Water? Or Height? Ever visited a town for the first time and felt convinced you’ve been there before? This might be proof of your having walked this earth again and again before this lifetime.

For Delhi NCR-based Usui Reiki Foundation, An Institute of Psychic Studies & Mystic Sciences, believes, one life is a merger of the many. We tend to work with the premise that every person on this earth has lived several lifetimes and carries with him or her memories of these lives. Some lives are incomplete and have a tendency to disturb and stop individuals from moving ahead in their current lives. Hypnotherapists help the clients to calm, relax, and talk them ‘BACK’ to the past. “By obtaining the memories we are now able to fulfill them and their life’s works,” says Rupa Baranwal.

Illnesses, addictions, phobias… PLR (Past-Life Regression), therapists claim to have cures for every kind of ailments. We additionally facilitate individuals use past lifetimes as a resource and bring back skills and strengths to support them within the here and now.

Rupa Baranwal, who has been married to a businessperson for over thirty three years and has two children, uses Reiki and Hypnosis among other techniques in her work. Clients get in a state of deep relaxation (akin to sleep) until they reach the source of the issue (bothering them) or challenge. We rather ignore using the word “Problem”, Rupa Baranwal says.

Many Past Life Regression therapists like her operate with what they call a ‘parataxic distortion’, which implies not really responding to the issue/person/place or event because it is going on in here and now however to the reaction they generate subconsciously. As an example, says Baranwal, “I might have spoken to a relative in 2014, had a terrible argument and that I might have left the discussion feeling upset and miserable. Now, in 2020, I meet this same relative again and instantly reply to her based on how I felt during the argument.” The past is often factored in when judging the status of relationships, or with any issue.

“We assist our customers to explore, discover, reveal, become aware, accept, take responsibility, and then give response. We show them the way to live mindfully by accessing answers from inside. All our answers lie deep inside us and however we seek for solutions outside, and continue to stay miserable,” says Baranwal.

Hypnosis, prompt visits to the past… All of it sounds rather mystical. So, is there something uncommon about a therapist’s workspace?

Chandni Azad Ali, who is working in the Non-Governmental Organization Sector and took up PLR therapy Six years ago, says “one must not need much space. A room with a decent atmosphere even at home that may make a client comfortable, will do. There should be a couch or a recliner for the client. Lighten the place with some aroma oils and soft music, like lavender etc.”

The therapy, Chandni says, works miraculously well, and “that’s enough reason for me to be in it. At the end, the result that matters.”

About Rupa Baranwal

Rupa Baranwal is a spiritual Doctor who is in the service of alternative medicine to assist people with different healing modalities. She is a Reiki Grand Master, Past Life Regression therapist, Certified Dowser, Acupressure Therapist, and Doctor of Naturopathy and have learned numerous alternative therapies to assist people.

She had cured many people from different kinds of Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Diseases and set them free from expensive expenses of allopathic medicines and doctors.

To make you feel free from Past Life Karmas, the Past Life Regression Therapists in Usui Reiki Foundation will provide you excellent methods in treating you, across the country. It removes all your Past Life bad Karmas, fear of Death and Unseen Future.



Background information gathering, arrange queries that you wish to know from your past, breath-work and guided meditation to explore hypnosis and trance prior to doing a past life regression session.

This is often not required, however, is extremely beneficial and helpful if you have not experienced deep states of meditation or hypnosis earlier.

Half Hour Exploration Session (Energy Exchange) – ₹500


Breath-work, guided imagination, PLR therapy, and exploration/integration/processing.
Past Life Session Duration: 60 - 90 Minutes
Energy Exchange: ₹2100 (Includes One Session Only)
Follow up sessions are priced accordingly.

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What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past life regression (PLR) is an altered state of consciousness throughout that (it is believed), subjects will access memories of their past lives. A PLR expert, throughout a session, helps subjects relax deeply and reach a state within which they’re ready to access their subconscious mind wherever all recollections, including those (therapists believe) from past lives, are stored. The expert function as a guide however you really see your own experience.

It is an excellent therapeutic tool and might be helpful for the subsequent concerns:

  • Emotional and physical blocks or issues with no familiar origin or those with chronic emotional, psychological, or physical ailments.
  • Struggling with life purpose and meaning
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Patterns of behaviors or interactions with other peoples
  • Repeating dreams
  • Repeating traumas
  • Addictions
  • Those who have lost a beloved or fear death
  • Those who are drawn to a specific place or a time in history
  • Those who are interested/intrigued/drawn to PLR therapy

Through PLR therapy we are able to let our subconscious mind uncover guidance in terms of life path, relationships with others, we are able to begin the journey of healing the human body and gain a deeper sense and appreciation of the experiences we have/currently having in this school that we call Earth.

Why Past Life Regression?

Some of the significant areas within which past-life therapy has traditionally been used are:

  • Disturbing behavior and mindset patterns that have endured over time, despite attempts to alter.
  • Relationship dynamics show up to have a life of their own (intense attraction/hatred towards some person, deep-rooted issues that defy resolution).
  • Phobias – intense fears, like fear of heights or fear of water that seem unconnected to an experience in the current life.
  • In many chronic body ailments, sensations, and pains.
  • Dominant behaviors or harsh emotions that seem to endure throughout your life

There are a few newer areas in which past-life therapy is being applied as well, that are pretty exciting and pleasing. Instead of going after traumatic or disturbing memories, they concentrate on positive experiences. These areas include:

  • Accessing strengths and accomplishments from previous lifetimes that may be brought forward to increase confidence and effectiveness in the present.
  • Re-experiencing a happy, successful lifetime; could bring a sense of balance and peace when undergoing tough times, strengthening us to work through our temporary difficulties.
  • Simplifying direction and true life purpose by observing one’s blueprint for this lifetime.
  • Finding previous lifetimes shared with your current life’s relatives & friends, bringing a great sense of reassurance that we are indeed never parted from those we love.
  • Accessing the wisdom, peace, and guidance that’s accessible from the “inter life,” (spiritual realms between lifetimes) wherever our higher mind and/or guiding ones can assess our progress and provides direction to us for our current lifetimes.
What is the need for PLR therapists in today's times?

Of course, there is an enormous demand because PLR addresses the root causes of many ailments, which are many times missed out in traditional methods that are incapable of unearthing problems carried forward from a past lifetime. Further, the method is totally safe, it doesn’t require any kind of drugs and is much faster than the normal traditional methods. It doesn’t require the client to be in therapy for a long time and then become dependent on drugs or the doctor as may happen in some other modalities. However, it is still in an embryonic stage in India, contrary to the West and so folks getting into the profession today will be well poised to catch the tide as it turns.

Which type of mindset should a PLR therapist have?

We suppose PLR therapists should have the desire to help and be of service to people who are troubled by mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual issues. Usui Reiki Foundation, are totally devoted to the well-being of mankind.

Do I need to believe in reincarnation or past life to have a successful PLR session?

You do not need to believe in reincarnation or past life. Our role is to guide you to make appropriate shifts/changes in your current life and to help connect the dots throughout the experience. If you have not been convinced with the past life regression or in reincarnation, you may still be able to successfully regressed and achieve plenty of benefits from a PLR session. Simply being open and willing to just accept without judging anything that comes from it, is enough. We will then work along to integrate it into your life and healing path, which is the most important aspect.

Who could be a good candidate?

Past Life Regression isn’t something which is done to you or for you. It’s not a course, but rather, it’s a therapeutic tool and a method of healing and growth. Those who are willing and receptive actively put in the work throughout and after the session will benefit most. Consider PLR as a method and not something you’ll be able to access/obtain/have a life-changing shift from only one session. It’s like building a muscle and the more you access the information and tie in the pieces the more profit you obtain. It is necessary to have realistic expectations and we will be there as a guide, following you with appropriate tools, resources, and insight in order to apply it to your life. Also, experience in meditation and breath work will help to induce a trance state quicker.

How do I know if these are real memories or it’s simply my imagination?

Any info that comes from the subconscious (Without permitting the conscious logical mind to intervene and process) is nice. It doesn’t matter if they’re real recollections or imaginary memories as long as they’re useful to the client in their current life.

What kind of info comes up?

Information from PLR relies on each individual’s perception of information. Some clients can get intuitive messages (inner knowing) or auditory info, others will experience vivid pictures, colors, symbols; others will have an additional kinesthetic response and can be able to experience bodily sensations and feelings. The quantity and intensity of retrieval depend on the depth of relaxation and ability to enter into a trance state. If somebody has practiced mediation/hypnosis/had previous PLR sessions, they’ll be ready to go deeper and experience a moving-picture show like scenes that are in a dreamlike state. With more and more practice, clients will move into trance faster and they will deeply experience the sessions rather than be observers.

What else should I expect in session online/offline?

In PLR, we tend to induce a deeper level of trance so as to figure to work the subconscious realm. Think about what makes you most comfortable and grounded prior to the session.

  • Are you more relaxed while seated/laying down?
  • Can you eliminate any noise? (Make sure lovely pets and members of the family are aware that you just are not to be disturbed for an hour or so).
  • Do you wish to gather essential oils, cleanse your area, gather up some blankets and pillows, and perhaps have an eye cover available? Consider what will induce the most relaxing experience for you.
  • I always suggest having a blanket to cover up if you get cold throughout the session.
  • Make sure technology doesn’t get within the process – check your connection, have headphones on if required, ensure we will hear each other (visual isn’t as important but will help).
  • The same rules will apply If the PLR session held in person!
Are you absolutely convinced about the rebirth theory? Why?

Yes, We are. Why? You’ll need to experience it for yourself. We cannot transfer belief in any manner. You have to experience it by taking a session yourself.

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