What is Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese term for the Universal Healing Energy rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui (an allopathic physician and surgeon) hailing from Japan in the late 1800s, it is an ancient procedure of Tibetan healing (lay-on-hands healing technique). It is a very modest thus far a commanding technique that can be absorbed and practiced by anybody. Reiki (pronounced as ‘ray-key’) is a category of heavenly, pure, and constructive energy that treasures its source in the supreme consciousness and is proficient in healing anything and everything whatsoever that folks can ponder of. The expression Reiki consists of ‘REI’ which indicates “Universal Life Force” and ‘KI’ which suggests “Energy”. Reiki essentially means Universal Life Force Energy, approximately similar to “Prana in India” and “Chi in China”.

Reiki is the lone incredible gift of God which on account of its mystical circumstantial, has been fruitfully recruited and practiced not only in the spiritual domain of life but is also acknowledged to bequeath the world of medical science with outcomes that are electrifying, beyond belief and extraordinary.


In Reiki healing, the energy is managed to assist people in the treatment of long-term chronic health conditions — physical, psychological, and emotional. The therapy prearranged in Reiki is every so often either given in person or through distance healing which in nature is quite discrete than other branches of remedy and medication. Likewise, these distinct styles of therapy solitary concentrate on precise expenses or complications, Reiki is an energy that completely benefits all facets of the receiver’s existence assorting from physical, psychological, and emotional aspects making it a truthfully all-inclusive flair of treatment.

If one’s “Life Force Energy” is low, then the individual is a supplementary perspective of sickening or experience a sensation of anxiety and tension. However, if the “Life Force Energy” is on the higher citadel then the potential or the proficiency of being content and vigorous is subsequently higher. One of the exceptional investigative utensils used by the practitioners to locate the original grounds of the subject and probable glitches that will outward far along is the way an individual’s body grips this energy which, expresses the heaps of the person’s state and ailment.


Natural healing aptitudes and the body’s resistance organization are activatedStress reductionHarmonizes the mind and feelings
More energy and strength are provided to the bodyLearning, retention, and psychological intelligibility is boostedFashions internal peacetime and synchronization
Fasten retrieval from long-standing disease or surgical procedureAids transformation of corrupt social and thought decorationsMood swings, anxiety, frustration, and annoyance assuaged
Reliefs pain and supports healthier sleepDeal with obsessions, disquiet, and old habitsFortifies and reconciles personal associations
Backs the body toxic cleansingDelivers intellectual strength and franknessBids liberation in emotive anguish and sadness and developing Instincts
Stalls the aging procedure and upsurges energyThe power of the subconscious mind is stirredEliminate karmic obstructions and blind beliefs

Reiki is for everything!!!



Reiki is an intrinsic natural eminence and an astounding divine gift existing in every single human being which can be efficiently utilized to heal self, others, and almost anything and everything no matter what in the universe either distant or nearby, be it plants, animals, food, breathing, lifeless, etc.

Reiki is not imparted by the technique various healing techniques are taught. Reiki is transferred on by a Reiki Master Healer to a new pupil by a simple attunement (also called initiation) procedure, where the energy cores are opened, in that way forming a permanent link between the divine cosmos and the attuned person. The progression, in addition to altering a regular individual into a healing source, results in amplified psychic sensitivity, heightened intuitive consciousness, extra-sensory perception, and clairvoyance in some cases. The course styles the giver and the receiver more composed, concerned, and allied to the highest being. With time, practice, and dedication, this power to ‘touch and heal’ grows healthier, sturdier, and operative.


ATTRACT ~ Vision Career, Prosperity, Profusion, and Goal

CURE ~ Complications, Relations, Sicknesses, Ill-fate (Evil), and Psychic Attacks

DEVELOP ~ Character, Constant Self-assurance, Psychological and Psychic Powers

AWAKEN ~ Concealed Potential, Kundalini, Decisive Reality and the Divine Determination of Life


Reiki has its origin in ancient Japanese medications. Ever since the early 1990s, Reiki therapy has been recognized as a practice with larger consistency in the sphere of the healthcare system. It has been used as a harmonizing therapy in over 900 U.S. hospitals and healthcare domains. Reiki is not an organization of psychic healing, mind control, or blind belief.

All over the world numerous hospitals, doctors, surgeons, and nurses are utilizing Reiki healing as alternative medicine. Thousands of allopathic doctors and reputed surgeons have learned Reiki and are practicing it successfully. Some of them are even Reiki Masters and are conducting Reiki workshops. Further, several reputed saints and spiritual masters have also learned Reiki.

The detrimental effects of Reiki are negligible for patients in any arrangement and are harmless to use in unification with chemotherapy, radiation, and medications which are largely employed in the medical handling of cancer and other treatments.

Reiki has been used coherently with regular medical treatment in hospitals. A significant aspect to be noted is that it does not totally sidestep the necessary medication and is meant to rebuild the body through its natural capacities.

The spirituality of Reiki should not coincide with religion in any aspect. There exists no doctrine or cultural capital that one must cram in order to learn or use Reiki. In fact, Reiki has no correlation with any belief or notion and works for all irrespective of any boundary. The energy of Reiki is directed from the universe and a large population after practicing Reiki feels a greater sense of connection with their religion rather than solely having an intellectual concept of it.

While Reiki is not a religion, however, it is yet imperative to conduct oneself in a fashion which can promote synchronization with others. Dr. Mikao Usui, the originator of the Reiki system of natural healing, recommends that everyone regardless of their background can exercise certain decent yet simple morals that inspire peace and accord which are collective across cultures and philosophies. Read more>>>

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