Dowsing or divining is an art in quest of answers as well as construing them with the help of metal, wooden rods or pendulums. Dowsing Course is a practice of locating veiled substances, and thus, is a modest intuitive technique to discover, elect and foresee unknown objects, individuals, and upcoming events by any person who is practicing dowsing. It caters to countless aspects or problems of self and others.


Dowsing is an ancient rehearsal whose roots have been vanished in the course of vast long-forgotten times gone by. It is an ancient skill to trace water, buried wealth as well as misplaced folks. On a regular basis, this accomplishment is often accompanied by Dowsing sticks, rods or pendulums in order to facilitate the process.

In the foothills of Atlas Mountains, a painting on a mural within the caves of Tassili depicts a Dowser dowsing for water. these paintings are of 8,000 years of age which has been revealed by carbon dating. Additionally, Dowsing Course has also been termed as divining, water witching, doodle bugging, and many other terms have been widely circulated. Middle ages give us the primary data which is also considered to be an explicit written account on dowsing. These accounts predominantly refer to dowsers in Europe who used it as an assistance to locate coal deposits.


This ancient expertise still continues to mark its existence in search of water, bodies entombed in war zones, topographical stress lines missing objects and people.


Healing is undoubtedly an ancient dexterity. It has been extensively used by immeasurable procedures and by an incalculable number of practitioners for centuries. Healing and dowsing are the two sides of the same coin, both of them line on similar energy. Dowsing/Dowsers convoyed by Reiki healing/ Reiki healers use numerous alternative techniques. The instrument or submission is cast-off by the management hinge on the individual and how that individual adapts themselves to that natural energy.  The correct moral, intention, and reason can make healing in all forms virtuous. From several years, pendulum/rod dowsing has emerged as a healthy option for alternative health practitioners.


  • Overview To Dowsing Course
  • Uses Of Pendulum And Rod Dowsing Course
  • How To Operate Apparatus – Pendulum
  • How To Use Numerous Charts For Various Resolutions
  • Answer Chart – Yes/No (Practicals Of Several Charts And Authentic Dowsing Course)
  • Biometric Radioactivity (Brain Calibration) Chart
  • Color Radiation And Beneficial Color Of An Individual
  • Period Charts – Hour Radiation, Days Of Week, Date Radiation, Month Radiation, Year Radiation, Interval Years Radiation
  • Percentage Chart For Various Purposes
  • Disease Radiation (Sheet Of Diseases)
  • Natural Vitamin Chart
  • Number Radiation Chart
  • Information Of Various Pendulums
  • Check Vastu Directional Problems (How To Apply Charts)
  • Human Trouble Chart, How To Identify Human Troubles
  • Invisible Power And Trouble Chart, How To Apply Remedies
  • Dowsing Course For Water
  • Dowsing Course For Finding Of Missing Person
  • Alphabet Indicator Chart
  • Question And Answer Session


Comprehensive Dowsing Manual And Reference Books

A Pendulum For Practice

Various Charts For Healing And Other Purposes

Dowsing Course Certificate

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Dowsing/Divining is a unique process to obtain spontaneous replies from the pendulum by accomplishing the knowledge lying beyond constraints.

Peoples practicing ‘Dowsing’ creates a sense of connection with Cosmic Energy through the supremacy of durability and perception. It’s imperative to preserve balance and harmonize mind, body, and soul for the dowser, such an individual would be even and will have a transparency of mind. Dowsing is a Metaphysical art that empowers us to predict actions that seemingly do not appear to be conceivable for the public.


The dowser, by concentrating or meditating on the hidden or lost entity, is to some extent able to tune-in to the energy force or “vibration” of the object. This results in an impulse experienced by the divining rod or sticks to move in that direction. The dowsing instrument might perform as an arrangement of amplifier or projection for tuning into the energy.

Several Requirements for which Dowsing may be exercised;

  • TO CHOOSE: Compatible Spouse, Employee, Servant, Find Hypersensitive Diet, Medicines, Plots, Infrastructure, Gems, Crystals, Appropriate Business, Dwelling and Career, Etc.
  • TO SEARCH: Misplaced Items, Lost Person, Secret Assets, Water, Relics, Oil and Mineral Possessions, Buried Items and Undesirable Energies, Etc.
  • TO HEAL: Heal Instant Discomfort, Heaviness, Aura, Chakra, Damaging obstructions, Energies, and Mind.
  • TO DIAGNOSE Flawed Fragment, Chakra, Vastu Defects, Spirits, Harmful Forces, and Particular reason for the illnesses.

The whole thing residing within the Universe is ultimately Pure Energy. Mutually the breathing and lifeless have energy fields and that embrace every constituent part of thought, emotion, object, word, and experience.

 When one dowses fairly specific, they are actually alternating into its frequency, as well as the answer from the rods or pendulum evidently depicts that one is purely are reflecting energy back to oneself for interpretation.

WE CAN ALL DOWSE! With practice (as in everything else) you may improve.

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