The SACRAL CHAKRA or SWADHISTHANA is the second chakra. The feelings of sexuality which consents the expression of emotions when the chakra is exposed without being excessively emotional or overcharged is dealt by it. You turn to be more passionate and active as emotions are kept back in equilibrium. Once the sacral chakra is in equilibrium you will not encounter any problem dealing with sexuality.

The Sacral Chakra is positioned in the lower abdomen approximately 1-2 inches underneath the navel. It not only wheels your reproductive system and sexual organs but also constitute ovaries or testes. Moreover, kidneys and bladder are also dealt by it.

The Sacral Chakra is positioned in the lower abdomen approximately 1-2 inches underneath the navel. It not only wheels your reproductive system and sexual organs but also constitute ovaries or testes. Moreover, kidneys and bladder are also dealt by it.

Functions of the Sacral Chakra

Physical health

Though this chakra is responsible for the healthy and effective functioning of the reproductive system and its organs and hormones, the accountability of the Sacral Chakra’s energy is also toward the   management of the lymphatic and circulatory system and the urinary tract. The chakra shares a fragment in eradicating toxins out of the body since, Sacral Chakra principally conducts with purification. Furthermore, the representation Sacral Chakra among men is done by spleen and among women by uterus is often reinforced by some.


Several physical problems such as urinary problems, kidney stones, lower back pain, gynecological issues and prostate problems can be sourced from a disproportion in the Sacral Chakra. Hence, it becomes highly necessary to preserve the equilibrium of this chakra in order to preserve a vigorous physical health and break away from such problems.


The Sacral Chakra is the ‘seat of emotions’ that is primarily accountable for creating joy, determination, love for yourself, strong relationships and imagination. You are more relaxed while stating your emotions and do not become repressed by the power depicted by others when this chakra is in equilibrium. However, you will develop to be shy, stranded, and frail if this chakra is blocked or dysfunctional.

Since, the Sacral Chakra administers the reproductive system, it similarly transactions with the stimulation of the making of several sexual hormones or hormones that progress pleasure, joy and other emotions.

Fundamentally, your chakra is in the state of equilibrium when your sexual energy and sex drive are relaxed with having a sexual association with somebody and you feel no undesirable emotions while experiencing sex. You can direct your power effortlessly and sex is done for a fair exchange and is not solely inclined on one side.  You have a blocked sacral chakra when you don’t have any sexual desires and when you abstain yourself from any sexual desires and attempt to sidestep having sex as highly as possible. You do not feel sexual sensations ordinarily and these sexual sensations are often disappointing and weak. Also, when this chakra is in equilibrium, there is no neediness, no feeling clingy, and therefore no jealousy.

Honor and power

This chakra is accountable for having alike philosophies with other or for a ‘fair exchange’. When this chakra is in equilibrium, you unsurprisingly give and have love, fondness, flirt playfully with no culpability or shame, in a lovely and natural “dance”. People with a balanced Sacral Chakra are not frightened of intensifying their restrictions, communicating their desires, and are relaxed pay attention to and attending to others’ requirements.

You can lead to destruction to the Sacral Chakra when you participate in methods of taking vengeance, expressing too much power and pressure and suppressing somebody with your sexual desires.

Healing the Sacral Chakra with Reiki

Reiki practitioners may have their individual procedure for balancing the Sacral Chakra, beneath is just one of the procedures that several discover to be effective.

  1. The Reiki practitioner will place their hands by the patient’s sacrum. Some practitioners unblock the chakra by rotating to the left for males and right for females – but it’s improved to do what senses right for you, or if you’re not sure, just direct energy to the zone and it will do the right thing. This can be performed on the front or the back of the individual. This not solitary unblocks the area, but is also recognized to aid with reproductive problems and prostate complications.
  2. Some practitioners will accompany the blockage with mantras. The initial is often the “VAM” Others prefer aroma therapy to purify this chakra such as the use of sandalwood or ylang-ylang oil. Gemstones can also be utilized to purify the chakra such as carnelian and moonstones.
  3. When the Reiki healing is complete, you will sense that the atmosphere neighboring this chakra will radiance orange in its pure state. Several people frequently incline to doze for more than eight hours when the chakra is cleared in a fetal position. You may also foresee moonlight and clear water after or sometimes even during the process of Reiki.

The chakra opens to universal energies and the minute it is unblocked you will sense the liberty of articulating your emotions deprived of any uneasiness or annoyance. By healing your chakra, you will not only heal your physical self which comprises your reproductive system and other organs, you will also have cleared your emotional and sexual blockages.

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