Shikha Varshney, Ganga Vihar, Gokal Puri, Delhi


Nothing is incurable in Reiki

I met with an accident due to which my spine got injured. I was completely bed ridden for more than 1 year. I was taking medicines and physiotherapy treatments since a long time but got no improvements in my condition. However, I was experiencing a mental agony and lost my self-confidence of getting healthy again. At that point, my brother’s friend suggested us to take Distance Reiki Healing from URF. Within a short span of time after started Distance Reiki Healing, I regain my self-confidence and started feeling positive that I can walk again. Despite of many peoples telling me that I would never walk again in my life even my doctors also said this, but Reiki Grand Master Rupa Baranwal shaped me to a hopeful person and took care of her work quite well. And after a continuous Distance Reiki Healing for several months I got my strength and able to walk again. Presently I can walk on my own without any help. I came to URF personally on my legs to thank Guru Maa Rupa Baranwal and learnt Reiki up to 2nd level from her. Now I am using Reiki in my day to day life and living a very happy and delightful life. A wholesome gratitude to Usui Reiki Foundation and Spiritual Doctor Rupa Baranwal because of whom I could live my life again with full hope and confidence.

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