Kimi Bhatia, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh


Poliomyelitis hands transformed into Reiki hands

In the early childhood, I got poliomyelitis and it was serious to such an extent that I got my left wrist and fingers incapacitated. I was doing extraordinary with my life however I generally felt something was absent. Later on I found out about Reiki from my granddad who was taking treatment for his well-being from Usui Reiki Foundation and was recuperated without a doubt. So without wasting a time, I learnt Reiki up to 3 levels from Guru Maa Rupa Baranwal and treated my hand and just after around 6-7 months my fingers are started moving, my wrist additionally began moving a bit. It was a wonderful experience with Reiki and I got a new way to live my life happily.

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