Dhanistha, Malviya Nagar, Delhi


Reiki science is miraculous and far beyond medical science

During my college trip my bus was met with an accident and I fall out from the side window due to which my legs and my spinal cord were damaged. I was completely bed ridden and even not able to do my personal chores. I was completely dependent on my family for any means. Several medical surgeries have been performed by doctors but didn’t get any improvement. Even doctors failed after numerous medical procedures and said there is no more possibility that you can get back on your foot independently. My family didn’t give up on me and were searching for alternative treatments except allopathic. At that point my uncle found Reiki and counseled to Reiki Guru Rupa Baranwal and began my Distance Reiki Healing from URF in 2017, she gave me all the positive vibes to be able to think in right direction and to feel that I can once again start my normal life. I got treatment for around one and a half year from URF and team and I was able to stroll with the walker. Now I am able to walk normally without any support. It was such a wonder to me that even after such countless developments in medical sciences, allopathic doctors were not able to completely cure me however on the other hand Reiki totally fulfilled me. I got incredible experience in Reiki. Reiki Grand master Rupa Baranwal is delicate and pleasant person. Highly recommended.

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