Sr. Yoga Instructor & Project Manager

She endures great flexibility in her body which she transformed in her lifestyle by mastering in Yoga. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, New Delhi and also attended so many courses of Yoga in various means. She has joined us as a Senior Yoga Instructor and Project Manager of our YOGA division. She also became Master Healer of Reiki recently and has healed many cases from Reiki with Yoga and other modalities. She says that though we are very much different from one another however our needs are all the same, which is to live a healthy and prosperous life. She thinks that everyone ought to be healthy both physically and mentally, that is to be peaceful inside and out. So, we need to know one or the other ways of healing therapy to keep oneself sane. She admits that a yoga instructor is someone who’s liable for spreading yogic wisdom. Yoga is not just what’s physically done but mentally lived. It is to stay positive, sensible and capable of forming a deep connection to yourself and others. She tells about both the atomic breakdown of the body and the ASANAS. She suggests everyone should know one of the healing therapies be deep rooted in your ground and achieve the inner peace which will make your life happy. It’ll help you deal with your ups and downs in a more tranquil way.

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