Master Reiki Healer

She says she loves to be a part of USUI REIKI FOUNDATION. Since childhood, she has a deep faith in divinity and religious activities as she embraces the nature, divine and integrity of life. She was at her adolescence stage when she got to know about the auspicious healing form “REIKI”. She was like a greedy child to eat an ice cream after so long. So, at the very next moment she grabbed the opportunity and learned” REIKI” in the year 2000. She thinks to attain a beautiful path of well-being one needs to learn it to help themselves as well as others and hence, she decided to devote her time to the people in need and joined us in 2012. So, she became one of our most experienced Master Healer and have healed lots of people and the counting is still going on. She says that she has achieved her physical and mental health and a wealth which can’t be attained otherwise. She believes that each & every person should learn this energy to live a wholesome life and to attain the humanly bliss. So, we could live in tranquil and affluent environment.

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