The Root Chakra is situated at the bottom of the spine. This first primary chakra of our body acts as an energy path to link our physical bodies and the earth. The Root Chakra empowers us to preserve our balance and is associated with the color RED which depicts passion, strength and fire. It is also very so often referred as the base chakra.

Functions of the Root Chakra

Physical Health

Physically, it is accountable for the healthy functioning of the legs, feet, bladder, kidney and of course, spine. The respectively location of each chakra is in communication to our endocrine glands. Whereas, endocrine glands accountable for the release of hormones in our body, maintain them in balance and controlling major nerve functions. It keeps us nurtured and healthy.


An imbalanced Root Chakra can source quite a few complications such as fatigue, hemorrhoids, arthritis, constipation, lower back pain, weight issues and diarrhea. It can also lead to sleep disorders and a sensation of cold due to meagre circulation.

Increased Confidence

When the Root Chakra is balanced, you sense more protected and advance more confidence. You will accomplish all the goals in life with boosted confidence and eagerness.

When it is imbalanced you will feel lethargy, excessively vigilant and frightened of variation. You will feel doubtful and you will build less trust on yourself as well as others. You will not admire yourself and others and will be recurrently awkward and sluggish.

Dealing with Conflicts and Problems

When balanced, the Root Chakra will provide you with the capacity to deal with difficulties and manage struggles with a tranquil and constructive mind. You will be able to handle these conflicts effortlessly and bothersome and upsetting matters will be powerless of frightening you.

When the chakra is blocked you feel to be exceedingly alert. Also, it will lead to self-doubt and fierce behavior, aggressiveness. You’ll be irritated at the whole thing and predisposed to do irresponsible things.

Feeling Grounded

This chakra is associated to the necessities in life likewise, food, shelter, warmth and comfort. If balanced, it will preserve you on path to get these requirements met.

Still, if the balance is vanished, any job seems tough. Money problems ascend, you lose confidence, recourse to violence, convert egotistical and cannot discovery happiness. You become “stiff”, uptight. You turn materialistic and money-oriented. You develop to be more sexually manipulative, impetuous and also domineering.

Ways to Heal the Root Chakra

If you feel that your Root Chakra is overwhelmed with undesirable energy or it is blocked, the subsequent methods can assist you to clear the Root Chakra.

Think Red

The Root Chakra is associated to the color red hence, visualizing a red flame brightly radiating at the base of your spine can enable you to clear the Root Chakra. You can initiate with a meditation visualizing the red flame at the base of your tailbone and picture the light outspreading below to your legs and feet and grounding you to the earth.

Sing and Dance

Dancing and Singing with closed gate and living all the attention and care for the creation behind can support you to fashion your liberty and self-determination and hence clear your Root Chakra. Also, Singing can aid you to clear the Throat Chakra.

Take a Bath or Shower

Showcase your love for your own self completely by cleansing and purifying your body with a pleasant hot bath. This is a brilliant method to clear your Root Chakra.

Go for a Walk

Going for a walk with your mind into every single footstep you make while, bonding with the earth will also enable you to clear the Root Chakra.

Hug a Tree

No doubt, you can definitely embrace a tree to become grounded.

Reiki and the Root Chakra

Reiki has been acknowledged as one of the most efficient and competent technique to remedial the Root Chakra. Even-though the Root Chakras is at the foundation of the spine, hands are placed at somewhere close to the position of the spine.

Gemstones can also be utilized for healing. Garnets, red jasper, and rubies can be utilized to clear the Root Chakra since, the Root Chakra is associated with the color red.

Steps for performing Reiki Healing on the Root Chakra

Reiki practitioners may fashion their own method for balancing the Root Chakra, underneath is just one of those methods that several find effective.

  1. Lie down and relax. Make sure you are calm and feeling easy and do not cross your arms and legs.
  2. Position both of your hands with your palms below on your lower abdomen.
  3. Visualize a river of energy fleeting down from the palm of your hands evolving into a fast-turning bright red ball. Straight your feelings towards this energy ball and the energy that is being referred.
  4. You might feel some warmness diffusing through your body as the chakra gets cleared.

The mantra “LAM” can be utilized to support in clearing the root chakra. It generates a vibration to modify the energy flow in the Root Centre.

Healing of the Root Chakra with Reiki fetches back all the luxuries in our life; it conveys calmness and serenity, and primes a healthy and happy life.

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