In traditional yogic teachings the advancement of the soul into the materialistic world receipts into account through the seven main chakra balancing with Reiki. Each of the chakras stretches a unique level of consciousness, which overall makes up a human being. Hence, the chakras are far more than centers of energy!

Reiki functions handsomely along with the chakras, but taking into account their extremely composite nature, it’s appreciable to be accurate pertaining to what is conceivable with a Reiki session.

It is largely acknowledged in Eastern traditions such as Yoga and Chinese Medicine that the human existence resides on diverse layers beyond the physical body. Reiki functions majorly in company with the second layer of our being, the pranic or etheric body, though ripple effects of healing might also be fingered in the less dense layers, such as the emotional body.

The chakras extend into all of our bodies. This is why purification of the chakras can be a life-long journey. Some of our issues are deep-seated and not even accessible to us unless we develop a genuine awareness of our more subtle layers.

A Reiki session may facilitate us to feel improved by fetching us into better balance on some levels, however deeper traumas and issues necessitate a supplementary helpful therapeutic procedure. Transpersonal psychotherapy in amalgamation with deep meditation and traditional Yoga is known to be highly effective.

If you’re opting for regular Reiki sessions but is not able to stabilize the positive effects it implies that your deeper subconscious subjects are not being addressed. Does this imply you should preferably leave Reiki? Absolutely not! Just be cognizant to the fact that Reiki may not be ALL you require.

Releasing up and balancing energy in the Pranic body, that is what Reiki is so virtuous at, places you in a brilliant position to initiate working on your deeper issues.

Here is a delightful Chakra balancing with reiki technique that could be utilized in a Reiki session:

  1. Place one hand above the Crown Chakra and the other above the Root Chakra.
  2. Move each hand nearer to and then further away from the body, recognizing the feeling of the chakra energy in your hands.
  3. If it senses like less energy in one chakra you can offer Reiki with both hands to that chakra and then come back to the original position.
  4. Continue functioning in this direction until the sensation in both hands is similar. There’s a sensation of balance and an instinctive knowing that it’s okay to move to the next position.
  5. Now put one hand exactly above the Third Eye Chakra and the other over the Sacral Chakra.
  6. Moderately, move your hands up and down, again feeling the chakra and enabling the balancing of energy.
  7. At that moment move one hand to float over the Throat Chakra and the other over the Solar Plexus Chakra. Do the similar as above. Use symbols over the chakras at any time you sense the requirement.
  8. Finally bring both hands over the Heart Chakra and naturally permit the receiver to reply naturally to Reiki.

It feels beautifully centering to end the session over the heart like this.

Believe your perception through this process and at all times make sure the receiver is left in a tranquil and balanced state.

With consistent chakra balancing an individual might initiate to obtain understandings into the problems existing on the deeper layers of the chakras. It is then significant to decide whether Reiki singlehandedly can be utilized to deal with these impurities or if complementary therapies are required.

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